Written by Bettina Schuette on February 19, 2021 in News

Exciting news from Wyda South Africa: we have yet again expanded our range of locally manufactured aluminium foil products. Three more products and a new lid option have been added to the range.

Find the details below and download our new 2021 Wyda SA product catalogue here.

Stock take on February 25

Next Thursday, February 25, we will have our annual stock take. On that day we will not be able to make any deliveries and are not open for collections. Please plan ahead for your requirements.

Online orders at our factory outlet shop will also not be attended to until Monday, March 1. Please make sure you have stocked up and our apologies for any inconveniences caused.

New products launched

Large shallow sized aluminium foil pie dish with 225mm diameter and 685ml capacity. This is one of our top-selling pie dishes for economical portions. It can also be used for quiches or tart lorraines, pack size is 1000.

1,6 Litre square aluminium foil catering container with IVC edges to fold fitting board lid and PVC plastic lid on top. This container is shallow and perfect for presentable food such as sushi, salads, family size portions and big vegetable dishes. The board lid keep the meal nice and hot. It can also be used in the microwave.

Medium aluminium foil loaf pan with 720ml capacity. This medium pan is ideal for baking or butchery items. With a dimension of 225L x 110W x 53H.

New foil lid for large 2-division container
This elegant solution will come in handy for no contact meal deliveries. The prepared meal won’t need to be opened before placing it in the oven and can travel from the external kitchen to the table safe and secure.

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