Written by Bettina Schuette on January 21, 2020 in News

At Wyda SA we take recycling of packaging seriously. That is why we teamed up with Whole Earth RecyclingCollect-a-Can and Pikitup. Visit their websites for more information or take a look at our new recycling flyer.

Here are a few tips on how to recycle:

1. Sign up with a recycling collection company such as Whole Earth Recycling. They will collect your recyclable material from your home, complex, office or school within Johannesburg for a small monthly fee. No sorting is required. Whole Earth Recycling supports a community project consisting of 24 sorters that sort and sell the recyclable material in order to generate an income for themselves.

2. Drop off your Aluminium containers at your local recycling drop-off site, which can be found on the Collect-a-Can website, who will pay you per kg.

3. Separate your Aluminium containers and other recyclables in order to improve the process of services like Pikitup.

For more information on why it is essential to recycle valuable resources and what exactly can be recycled, please consult our sustainability page.

Click image to download the flyer
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