Written by Bettina Schuette on May 11, 2021 in News

Wyda Packaging SA is proud to launch a new range of high-performance poly-board lids for the following aluminium foil products: W4153, W4133, W4173 and W4093.

The new plain-white lids offer an excellent protection against moisture and oils – and this at the same price as the regular board lids.

Benefits and facts in a nutshell

Barrier Protection
the specially designed coatings make the lids an excellent water and vapor barrier with superior grease hold out. They are perfectly suited for frozen foods, soap boxes, dry foods, pastry board, limited service restaurants, and hospitality.

Food Contact Compliant
FDA and EU compliant for contact with aqueous & fatty foods, as well as dry foods.

Unlike plastic and other packaging materials that are extracted from the earth, the boards are predominantly made from a renewable resource. All mills that we source from are third party ISO 9001 certified and have FSC accreditation.

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