NEW in South Africa: Wyda Smoothwall Aluminium Containers

Wyda Packaging SA is excited to launch a new range of four high-performance Smoothwall Aluminium food containers. Smoothwalls are aluminium trays thicker than 100μm and support a longer oven cook time. They guarantee optimal cooking of food, maintaining flavour, aroma and colouring. Smoothwall containers have impressive rigidity and are ideal for food manufacturers. There are […]

POPI Newsflash

As you may already know, the introduction of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) came into full effect on July 1. Check our updated Privacy Policy on our online shop. The aim of the POPI act is to promote the protection of personal information processed by both private and public bodies. We, at Wyda […]

Launching Poly-Board Lids

Wyda Packaging SA is proud to launch a new range of high-performance poly-board lids for the following aluminium foil products: W4153, W4133, W4173 and W4093. The new plain-white lids offer an excellent protection against moisture and oils – and this at the same price as the regular board lids. Benefits and facts in a nutshell […]

Wyda SA expands product range

Exciting news from Wyda South Africa: we have yet again expanded our range of locally manufactured aluminium foil products. Three more products and a new lid option have been added to the range. Find the details below and download our new 2021 Wyda SA product catalogue here. Stock take on February 25 Next Thursday, February […]

Aluminium Foil Sizes & Products: Variety and Sustainability

Aluminium Foil Sizes & Products: Variety and Sustainability WYDA SA is greatly focused on the production of a variety of aluminium products for industries involved in food production and catering. We supply products in a wide range of aluminium foil sizes and measurements. The history of aluminium foil Made from an aluminium alloy, aluminium foil […]

Annual shut-down dates

Keep it fresh this festive season! Just a quick reminder: Wyda Packaging South Africa will make last deliveries before our annual shut-down next Thursday, Dec 17. Final collections are possible till Friday 4pm. Stock up on our aluminium foil products for the holidays now. We re-open January 6, 2021.

Four new Wyda Easy retail products launched

Four new products complete the Wyda Easy retail range, bringing to 11 the total number of products now available. The new additions are:WLDF5-refill – Light Duty Aluminium Household FoilWLDF5-Box – Light Duty Aluminium Household FoilWLDF10-Box – Light Duty Aluminium Household FoilPPW4093-5 – Retail Pack of the 1,3 Litre aluminium foil container roaster in heavy gauge.Find […]

A healthy outlook for the Braai season

Wyda SA aluminium foil and trays offer protection against carcinogenic substancesA balmy summer’s evening, chilled drinks, mouth-watering aromas, delicious culinary treats. The invitations to the Braai are out, and everyone’s licking their chops in anticipation. To make sure that the big sizzle over the hot coals will be a hot and tasty experience for their […]

Three new products launched

Food preparation, storage and re-heating has now become even more convenient: Wyda SA just launched another three products to add to its already extensive range of 100% recyclable aluminium foil containers. The new additions are:– W2DIV-L – a deeper two-division option offering more volume, optional lose board lid available– W3DIV-Y – a three-division tray in […]

Online factory outlet launched

On October 1, 2020 Wyda SA launched the new Wyda South Africa factory outlet. Wyda aluminium foil products are now available online – in small quantities: convenient shopping, safe card payments, countrywide delivery. Go to for all Wyda SA aluminium foil products, as well as PVC cling film and cutlery sets. For more than […]

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