100% Recyclable Aluminium Foil Packaging!

Check out more information about our 100% recyclable packaging under our FAQs and Sustainability pages.

Local Production in South Africa!

About Us

Wyda is an Aluminium Foil Converter for over 27 years, producing in three locations in Brazil, 1 location in Paraguay and also in Johannesburg, South Africa. We offer a wide variety of options on forms and innovative designs for your food industry needs.

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Why Wyda

We are solutions-oriented and committed to delivering top quality aluminium foil products and services to the Southern and Western African food, baking and catering industries. We deliver anywhere and in greater Johannesburg even for free.

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Check out our growing range of food quality aluminium foil containers and aluminium foil in light and heavy duty quality. Our prices are competitive and our service is speedy. We will reply to your enquiry within 24 hours.

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Our Latest Products

Wyda Aluminium Foil Solutions for your Company

Factories of Wyda Packaging

Why Choose Wyda SA

Speedy delivery and export

Since every order is important to us, we guarantee our deliver time and deliver door-to-door in SA and export into southern and western Africa.

100% Recyclable disposable Packaging

In order to protect our earth, all our disposable aluminium foil packaging products are 100% recyclable and should be recycled to save our environment.

Delivery on call

We offer cost-effective storage solutions and delivery-on-call services, so you can leave it to us to manage your supply-chain.

Up-to-date News

We keep you up-to-date of the latest packaging trends, our news and new products. Sign up to our newsletter here.

Industry leader

As the 4th largest in its field in the world, largest in South America and with the experience of more than 26 years, we are confident to provide the best quality durable aluminium foil and service for the South African market.

Product Innovation

With our partners in Brazil we are constantly looking for innovative products and develop new aluminium foil packaging solutions for the South African market and local requirements.

Flexible solutions

We provide aluminium foil packaging to all types of businesses – from the large distributors, corporate businesses, restaurants, supermarkets as well as to small companies. Speak to us about your specific requirements. We are keen to help you.

Our Product Range


Wyda South Africa aluminium foil containers come in many shapes and sizes and are available for a huge range of applications specially for roasting, baking, cooking, catering or take-aways, including roasters, baking dishes, fruit flans, deep apple pies or large multi-portion catering desserts. We also offer a range of lid options – including board lids and aluminium foil lids.

Our range of aluminium foils (or tin foils) comes in heavy duty or light weight suitable for home as well as industrial kitchens, take-away businesses and canteens.

Chat to us about what we can do for your catering and take-away requirements for disposable or recyclable food packaging.

The EAFA (European Aluminium Foil Association) is a fantastic resource for all sorts of information and recipes, using aluminium foil dishes and containers. Take a look and be inspired by what they offer.

If you have a question about the properties and benefits of aluminium food packaging, please check out our FAQs page. It gives you all the answers in a nutshell.

Aluminium Foil Container Packaging for the South African Food Industry

Selling a wide range of top quality aluminium foil containers and packaging at the most competitive prices, Wyda is the South African aluminium packaging manufacturer of choice for those in the food or baking industry.

Diverse, easy to use and easy to budget for, our products suit a variety of needs for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Wyda has a global footprint, and we use our international presence to gain new information for the manufacturing of our aluminium product range. Our primary focus is the manufacturing of  aluminium packaging products, which can be used in the oven and microwave, are 100% recyclable, include containers with lids, are thick and strong, can be used in the freezer and are immensely convenient to have.

Our aluminium products are suitable for the catering industry as well as any other food preparation and production establishments. It is our mission to make life, and work, as simple as possible for our clients and their consumers. With this mission in mind, our products are made with client satisfaction a top priority.

Using our almost 3 decades of industry experience, we know how to provide our clients with real solutions to their food prep and packaging requirements. Our products can be ordered in bulk, and they can be delivered throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries.

The Benefits of Aluminium Packaging and Choosing Wyda South Africa as your Provider

We have an eye for solution-based manufacturing and the know-how for manufacturing the very best packaging for all food, take-aways, restaurants, catering and baking companies while also serving the public. When you partner with Wyda, you can look forward to speedy delivery, a friendly service, and the most economical aluminium packaging choices.

Aluminium is used for food packaging for reasons that go beyond the convenience factor. Whether you are using aluminium foil or if you are opting for the trays and containers, aluminium is lightweight, it does well in intense temperatures, it is tough as nails and able to take a beating without being damaged, and it is completely hygienic.
This type of packaging is odourless and resistant to moisture, while it is also non-toxic. Its excellent heat conductivity properties mean the container can be used for cooking, grilling and, of course, reheating.

Its heat resistance properties are without a doubt its most beneficial property. The heat resistant aluminium foil containers, and the foil, work well in gas, standard electric, and microwave ovens as well as open fires. When subjected to either extreme heat or extreme cold, the aluminium won’t become brittle and break, and it also won’t lose its shape.
All of these properties, and the fact that is so affordable, has made aluminium packaging, and the containers with lids in particular, popular the world over.

Aside from the practical benefits of the durable aluminium foil packaging, the containers and related products are locally made. This means clients will benefit from the short distance that it takes to transport the products. Since the products don’t have to be transported over long distances, the overall prices of the products will be cheaper.

And an extra perk, if you are in the Johannesburg area, is that if you order more than 10 boxes from Wyda SA, delivery will be free!

The Types of Aluminium Container Solutions

To suit all of the possible needs in the various industries, Wyda SA offers clients all of the solutions they will require in their day to day work.

Generally, aluminium manufacturers include things like trays and containers, as well as their matching lids. There are also those companies that will offer printing as a part of their solutions, which allows the clients to print their branding on the packaging they are buying.

When selecting your specific solutions, be sure to ask about the various options available to you, as they are likely to differ from company to company.

In our packaging range, we have rectangular and round containers and trays of all sizes, novelty packages, packaging for retail sellers, , and both heavy duty and light duty foil.

Our solutions also go beyond just aluminium packaging and have been extended to include PVC cling-film, and take-away cutlery sets.

Aluminium Packaging Pricing

To help you with your budget planning and your decision making, we’ve divided our pricing into 3 categories. Pricing goes according to quantities and currently, we sell directly to restaurants, caterers and private homes, wholesalers, and distributors.

In terms of the quantities that we have for sale, wholesalers who can benefit from our products include small exporters and medium suppliers. And distributors to chain stores, food manufacturers, major suppliers, and major exporters, can enjoy all of the fantastic advantages when they choose to work with us.

Wyda’s wide selection of disposable pans, trays and roasting pans make for easy meals and easy take aways, all at a low cost. You can place your order online, via our website, or you can give our team a call.

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